Selecting MBA Electives at Fisher

During the second semester of your Fisher MBA program, you get to explore elective courses. These elective courses, unlike the core classes, are designed to give you an in-depth look and a chance to explore possible career options. Here are short descriptions of the electives I signed up for.

Managerial and Advanced Negotiations: Professor Dumas teaches practical ways to polish your negotiation skills.  Each lesson is largely centered on in-class exercises. Because we practice negotiation skills in a variety of settings, we know how to efficiently handle conflicts. Not only they are immensely useful in job interviews, these skills will help you manage your teams better. I would recommend both classes to everyone!

Professor Tracy Dumas
Professor Tracy Dumas in Managerial Negotiations

Corporate DiversificationThis course focuses on the strategic management of multi-market firms. Ever wonder why some companies are better at diversification than the others? Professor Hawk goes over competing on resources, different modes of diversification, when to ally and when to acquire. Just like the core strategy class, you will apply knowledge from all other classes -finance, marketing, operations, etc. – and apply them to case studies. If you are interested in corporate strategy, this is a great class.

Global Marketing & SustainabilityProfessor Griffin, Chief Sustainability Officer at Greif, teaches how multi-national firms respond to sustainability. Due to increased public awareness about environmental problems, there are challenges and opportunities for these companies. Through case studies, we analyze diverse ways to shape marketing strategy in the face of the such challenges. Also, we learn how to harness sustainability to drive innovation and profit. Interested in sustainability? You can’t ask for a better class!