Innovation CAMP 2013

Every year AMP (Association of Marketing Professionals) and IF (Innovation Fisher) host a marketing and innovation summit here at Ohio State. This year the event was one to remember. The lineup of speakers was incredible and the insights that were shared are sure to benefit all that were in attendance.

This year’s speakers came from a variety of industry backgrounds, yet they all contributed their thoughts and ideas on the importance of innovation for any business.  The keynote speaker of the event was Brad Wolf who was instrumental in launching Nike’s latest hit product, the Nike FuelBand.

Brad highlighted the importance of really innovating towards the end consumer. If the consumer will be pleased with the product and it resonates with the brand’s current position, then it will drive loyalty and attract new segments. The FuelBand has successfully done this. I was blown away when Brad informed us that the FuelBand sold more than 30,000 units in the first 24 hours it was available. The FuelBand continues to be such a success that there is currently a 3 week back-order for medium black FuelBands. Impressive.

A few of the other speakers noted the importance of using technology to innovate and learn more about our consumers. From analyzing their buying habits in the store by tracking their carts with a gps unit to looking at their photos on instagram and twitter, all in attendance were educated on the many ways marketers can successfully innovate. It was a great experience and another reminder as to why I love being a full-time MBA student here at Fisher.