From teammates to friends

Love these guys!

As everyone in the current SMF class has learned over the past few months, the program is heavily focused on group work. I personally have found this attribute of the program to be particularly rewarding. First, most of us will enter the workforce in roles that require a high level of team cooperation; we have certainly been presented with the opportunity to hone those skills over the past semester. Second (and more importantly), working with my team over the past 14 weeks gave me the opportunity to build three great friendships.

You never know what the dynamic of any team will be, but I was fortunate enough to be paired up with individuals that were not only analytically strong but, more importantly, great people to be around. These two attributes fostered an extremely enjoyable work environment. Working through long nights on difficult reports could have been a painful process (and sometimes it was), but we always found a way to make some fun out of it (whether it be learning about Hawaiian music, trying “real” Chinese food, or discussing the latest showing at the Gateway Film Center).

After wrapping up our final analyst report at the end of last semester, I couldn’t help but feel a little bit sad. I won’t get to share the intense, and sometimes frantic, push to get through the final leg of a project with them anymore. Fortunately, we have an entire semester of time left in the program. From now on when we hang out, there will be less talk about WACC and EBITDA and more talk about the score of the game last night or which firm we will be running in 30 years. Regardless, I am just thankful I was lucky enough to work with these three great people.

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