Freak out for Finals? Never!

It’s a fact.  My SMF finals are done!

With that being said I did a few things different this time versus what I used to do in undergrad preparing for finals.

1.  Start Studying a Week Ahead – This works great, especially if you end up with the flu the day before your exams begin.   I felt comfortable and not as anxious as in the past because I was able to review the material instead of learn it the evening before the exam.

2. Sleep – Sounds crazy during finals week, but I actually managed 7-8 hours of sleep the night before exams this semester.  Helped a lot.

3. Relax – It pays to take time out of your day from studying.  Whether its going out to eat with a few buddies, or popping in a movie or catching a game on TV.   We aren’t wired for constant studying – especially for grad school.

Sounds too easy doesn’t it?   Depends.  It took some getting used to, but in the end, they benefits were great!   Cramming doesn’t work anymore, especially at a higher (and more demanding) level of education.   This practice is proof, after our 17 page exam today for investment finance, the word “relax” had to have run through my mind at least a dozen times!


While it may be easy to follow the advice of this sign… it doesn’t need to be mandatory during exams!