It’s Cold Outside!

Columbus has had an unseasonably warm winter this year (luckily, for those of us who aren’t polar bears!), but we’ve still had plenty of 30-40°F  weather. Since it’s still December, I expect there will be more of that to come… 🙁

The first few days of cold, I bundled up every time I walked the short walk from Gerlach Hall (where my classes are) to Mason Hall (where my GA appointment is located). Alisa, living up to her moniker of resident Fairy Godmother at Fisher, saw me bundling up on my way out of Fisher and saved me (as usual!) by leading me into the tunnel system.

The Fisher campus is gorgeous, with beautifully designed buildings and classrooms. A brilliant architect – to whom I will be forever grateful – connected all these beautiful buildings with an underground tunnel system, so everyone can access any building without stepping outside! I no longer have to worry about the cold (or the rain!), thanks to these awesome tunnels!

As if that wasn’t great enough, the tunnels are decorated with pictures of the Fisher campus in various stages of completion. Here are some of my favorites:

Fisher Campus


Fisher Campus (1997)


Fisher Campus, 1998


Mason Hall (1998)
Mason Hall (2000)

(If you’re curious about what the Fisher campus looks like today, you can take a mini virtual tour here).

These tunnels have saved me on many a rainy and/or cold day.. and the beautiful pictures of the Fisher campus are always an added bonus!