On to the real world

So the time has finally come – after earning my MAcc degree and graduation I will finally be closing the book of academia and entering the real world, with a job! I have decided to accept a position as a Rotation Staff Accountant for the public accounting firm, GBQ Partners. The entire recruiting process that led to this decision was definitely a unique experience. First, GBQ utilizes a third party recruiting firm, CareerMax. This means that the recruiters involved do not work directly for GBQ, they simply are responsible for organizing interviews, office visits, addressing concerns and questions about the firm or recruiting process etc.

I started the GBQ recruitment with a coffee chat/pre-interview session with a member of the CareerMax team. This session was designed to get to know me better and ultimately see if I could be a good fit for the firm. Next, I had an on-campus interview with another member of CareerMax. This interview was a bit more traditional, with largely behavioral style questions about my work ethic, as well as questions about which area of public accounting (assurance or tax) I would be the best fit for. A week or so later, I was asked to come check out the GBQ office, located in the Arena District of downtown Columbus, for an informal visit to prepare me for the formal office visit. This was definitely a great opportunity, as I was able to see the office, meet several GBQ staff members, and ultimately feel more at ease for the second round interview. Lastly, the office visit came, in which a total of 10 candidates from various schools joined myself for a full-day of second round interviewing. The office visit began with actual interviews with two GBQ managers, largely a behavioral style interview setting. Then, we toured the office, met with a panel from the GBQ specialty groups and senior level staff in both assurance and tax, were treated to a great lunch at Rodizio Grill in the district, heard from a panel of GBQ partners (which was great!), and then heard from the firm director to wrap-up. While it was a packed schedule, I felt completely comfortable and was able to interact with some great people-which definitely helped make my decision easier! Another great aspect of this position was the fact that I was rotating through various departments. Typically in public accounting you are asked to choose between audit or tax for your placement-which as a student with little to no experience is hard to decide. With the GBQ rotation, I will be able to experience both, realize strengths and weaknesses within the areas of the firm and have the choice of where I will end up post-rotation. I think I will be very happy with my career decision to join GBQ and can’t wait for the Fall to get started! Now about that CPA exam…

The best pineapple I have ever had at Rodizio Grill


This is how the meat is served at Rodizio