Skills You Didn’t Know You Would Learn During the MAcc: Carpentry

I should preface this post by explaining that I live off-campus with seven other guys. It might sound crazy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. To be sure, there’s never a dull moment.

Anyways, most of us are students in Fisher, but John, my best friend since High School, is an engineer (although he has currently been dabbling in improv comedy). Over the summer John came up with the idea of building a bar for our living room. The other roommates, including me (at first), were picturing something like this:










Fortunately for us, John had other plans. Retreating to his room for a week of intense research and development, John put together a design of such elegance that we still hardly believe it belongs to us. The short-version of this epic saga goes something like this:

1. John designs the bar using his fancy engineering software.

2. John and I drive to a Lumber Mill to buy materials and wood.

3. John cuts the wood using a huge saw.

4. John and I stain the bar dark cherry.

4. John and I assemble the bar.


































In the end, I had refined my finesse with power tools and put a few hairs on my chest. More importantly, we had this in our Living Room:

















So how does this relate to the MAcc? There are a few key take-aways:

  • Working with a diverse group of people often leads to innovation. At Fisher you will be surrounded by MBA, MHRM, SMF, MAcc and undergraduate students. Embrace this opportunity to learn from each other and great things will happen.
  • Dream big and take control of your own destiny. When it comes to finding a job after graduation you can settle for something within your reach, or aim for the career of your dreams. My roommates and I would have been happy with a simple bar, but investing the time and energy to make a bar we were proud of was so much more fulfilling. The Fisher Office of Career Management gives you the chance to refine your interviewing skills. Our outstanding faculty give you the chance to absorb and apply some of the most important ideas shaping the business world around you. Take advantage of their expertise and get that perfect offer.
  • Work hard together and celebrate your successes together. Building the bar took weeks, but when we were finished and saw the result of our hard work we knew just what to do. We grabbed a few drinks, pulled up some chairs, and celebrated.