Anil Makhija – one of the best profs I’ve ever had

Makhija in Action


The Specialized Master in Finance program wrapped up its first-term, finals week on October 13th (one down, three to go!).  It’s always good to get that first one under your belt, but our attention was quickly turned to round two as we prepared for new courses, professors, etc.

Four weeks into our new courses, we’ve finally fought off our “post-finals week hangovers,” and settled into our new schedules.  As we have felt-out our new surroundings, one course in particular has jumped out for me and piqued my interest. That course is Corporate Financial Management with Anil Makhija. The material is focused on advanced valuation techniques, capital budgeting, and security issuance.  These are topics that will be relevant in almost any field of finance. However, there is another draw to this class—the man at the wheel, Anil Makhija.

Every class session, I find myself walking away impressed. Never have I seen a teacher who can lecture for an hour and a half with no prompts—zero, zilch, nada. He simply works off his general knowledge of the material. Not only that, but he manages to present the material in a way that “just makes sense.” It’s a unique teaching style that I have come to really enjoy because of his ability to adapt on the fly to students’ questions and concerns. Not only that, but it enables him to exude his passion for the topic more clearly to the class.

Maybe I am biased because of a developing interest in corporate finance in general, but I have heard similar sentiments from fellow students. To fellow graduate students and prospective future students: A course with Professor Makhija is a can’t-miss opportunity.