Weekend is Family Time!

Earlier this year, I had to choose between two graduate schools. Staying in Cincinnati was an easy, comfortable choice. But I had my heart set on the Ohio State University. This amazing opportunity to attend Fisher and Moritz was offered to me, I just couldn’t pass on it. I thought, ‘Oh, so many couples live apart, we can do it. It’s only 2 hours away.’

Luckily my husband was open to the idea. Bless him! I have never met anyone who’s more loving than Mike. I knew he was the one after the second date. That was 7 years ago and we are now married for 2 years.

It was really hard to ask my dad and sister if they would be OK with it. See, they moved to Cincinnati all the way from Portland, Oregon at my request. Dad was too sick to work, so I asked them to relocate. 3 years later, he is much healthier and has a lot of friends in the Korean community. Eunsol is a high school senior. We have a big age difference – she is like a daughter to me. (Teenage daughter, that is) Both of them wanted me to follow my heart and attend Fisher.

Do I ever regret moving to Columbus? No. But I feel guilty sometimes. Being able to go home every weekend makes me feel better. Many students in the MBA program are involved in long distance relationships. Some have loved ones in another country! I can’t complain about being 2 hours away… what I’m trying to say that having a significant other may complicate your decision on which school to attend if you’re looking at MBA programs. But, together, you’ll end up making the best decision for both of you!

Family lunch at Panera Bread
Mike and Eunsol troubleshooting a computer problem together.