Spring Scheduling..already?!

Well, I can’t believe it is already here – spring semester scheduling. I feel like I just walked in the door of Gerlach Hall for the first time, and yet the first semester of the MAcc program is almost over! There are a few differences between class scheduling as an undergraduate here at OSU and as a graduate student-differences I find to be in favor of the grad students! One difference is that MAcc students only have four required classes, our “core” classes. The second major difference is that we are able to plan out and/or are aware of exactly which classes we are going to take for the entire year, when the classes are available, and which professors are teaching the courses offered. The only trouble with these features is deciding which classes to take-there are so many options! Here is what I have for Spring semester right now:

Session 1:

AMIS 6202-Accounting Policy and Research (a core/required class)

AMIS 7240-International Financial Reporting Standards (this course is going to be very helpful for the CPA exam)

AMIS 7530-Fraudulent Financial Reporting

BUS FIN 7280-Legal Business Issues (super excited for this one!)

BUSMHR 7240-Managerial Negotiations (I hear this class is a great elective)

Session 2:

AMIS 7250-Government and Non-profit Accounting (another helpful CPA course)

AMIS 7520-Fraud Examination: Misappropriation of Assets (this one should be interesting)

AMIS 7010-Ethics in Accounting and Business (always interesting stories and cases in these types of classes)

BUSMHR 7230 Developing High Performance Teams (I am curious to find out what the structure of this course is. Group scenarios? Readings? We will see)

Time has completely flown this first 10 weeks of the program. Hard work definitely speeds up this time as well. Other upcoming events for the program include our MAcc Autumn Reception scheduled for early December. During this event, we will be treated to dinner at The Faculty Club – which I have never stepped foot inside in all 4 years I was in undergrad! Many MAcc students will also participate in the VITA program– a program that provides tax return services to low-income individuals in the Columbus area, a great cause! While we are still in the midst of Autumn semester, I already can’t wait for what is to come this Spring!