New Classes?! Already?!

That’s right – Fall Term 1 has ended and Term 2 has begun!  Just thought I would take a few minutes to share the MAcc courses I’m taking and my first impression of the classes that will consume the next seven weeks!

  • AMIS 6201 – Professional Research in Accounting – this class is all about researching the FASB codification.  We’re given real-life scenarios and questions that clients could ask us in our future jobs, and we research the code to find the correct answer and explain it to our client.  This class is likely to be one of the most practical.  Professor Turner has had many students come back to visit who tell him that they use the research tools from this class on a daily basis!
  • AMIS 7410 – Tax II – this class is focused on corporate income taxes.  Even for students who aren’t going into a career in tax, it’s really beneficial to know the tax planning goals of corporations.  Professor Raabe has a great deal of experience in tax and makes the key takeaways extremely clear for each class.
  • AMIS 7420 – Tax III – that’s right – another tax class!  We’re covering all sorts of different topics like exempt entities, gift and estate taxation, and how to reconcile taxes on financial statements.  Professor Raabe teaches this course as well, and again brings a great deal of experience and real-world examples for these relevant topics.
  • AMIS 7510 – Assurance Services and Information Quality – this course is focused on developing an understanding of the value added by assurance services, which include audit.  Professor Spires simulated a stock market for our first class on Tuesday to get us thinking about how markets benefit from quality information.  I thought this interactive activity was a fun way to kick off the term!
  • BUSFIN 6212 – Finance II – this is a continuation of Finance I, which I completed last term.  This is going to be more conceptual, as we’ve started by learning about efficient versus inefficient markets.  Professor Ben-David brings a lot of research experience to this course, and I’m looking forward to the next six weeks of the course.

It’s been a great first week with these new courses, and I’m excited to see what this term will offer!