Getting Through Finals Week

Finals week has come and gone. I am glad to say that I made it through and am looking forward to the next term. Finals week is always a stressful time for college students. There is really no way to ever stop the stress from presenting itself in your life during that week. I have learned that during finals week, the best option is not to try to stop the stress, but to contain it. Here are a few of the ways that I made it through our first “finals week” here at Fisher.

Study Smart

It is not a secret that you need to study smart in order to score well on finals. If you are not prepared then you have nothing to pull from come test day. If you study smart and have the knowledge, you will do well. Unfortunately, most students don’t study smart. Turn off the cell phone, find a quiet room, and put away the food and drink. All of those are distractions that take time away from effective study. These simple steps helped me to make the most of my time studying as I tried to balance my school and family time.


Much easier said than done. Trust me, I know. I have a 4-month old baby boy. But as they say, you must take time to rest your body and mind or you will burn out. This couldn’t be more true during business school. The time to sleep will be there, if you study smart as stated above.

Have Fun

Fun is a necessary aspect of business school. If you don’t have fun, you will probably go crazy. Students need to get involved in outside activities, not just MBA clubs. Play recreational sports, go to the movies, hang out with friends and classmates, watch a football game, etc. Columbus has plenty of fun activities and ways to take your mind off of school and difficult tests. For me, my fun comes from hanging out with my family. This video will give you a glimpse into my fun! His name is Will, and he is pretty much the most awesome baby!