The most disgusting food on the planet!

Well, I knew this time would come. With the  level of cultural diversity at The Fisher College of Business, I figured that I would eventually be challenged in terms of my culinary comfort level. Let me preface this by saying that I have an iron-clad stomach. I thought I could try anything, at least once. So, naturally, the opportunity would present itself. During a presentation by a fellow classmate, who also happens to be my team member, the topic of the most disgusting food in the whole was brought up. He asked for suggestions from the audience. I said mushrooms (which I don’t personally care for), but was I ever wrong. As it turns out, the most disgusting food on the planet, as voted by actual food polls, is the 1000 year old egg. The 1000 year old egg’s history can be traced to China, where it is a popular ingredient in many dishes, and apparently eaten by itself as a stand alone snack.

What is a 1000 year old egg, you might ask? Excellent question. It’s a duck egg which is preserved in a mixture of ash, clay, rice hulls and salt for a period of several weeks to several months. After coming out of this alkaline material, the egg has transformed into this (in the bowl):


Now, as you can see, the egg looks black – certainly not what I am used to eating for breakfast. However, the real surprise is inside. The exterior (former egg white) is now the consistency of jello, perhaps slightly firmer like a gummy bear.

The gray/black insides (former yolk) is indescribable. It has the consistency of cream cheese and is in fact quite creamy. Now, the taste… (yes, I ate one!) It’s certainly not a flavor I’ve ever had. It has the smell of sulfur and ammonia (you’re hungry already, right?) and the combination of textures is really wild. The flavor is musty and earthy. Not really as repulsive as it looks. Would I try it again? Depends. There would have to be pride on the line – money is not a strong enough motivator, here.

I would have never tried the 1000 year old egg before starting my MBA. The full time MBA program continues to amaze me! Proud to be a buckeye, prouder to be in the program with all these awesome people who push me to step out of my comfort zone!

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  1. 1000 year old egg is one of my favorite. Taste awesome with ginger sauce or/and extra soft toufu, topped with green union is a plus. People rarely eat it alone.

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