Study break fun: Perks of going to OSU

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In the midst of exams, case studies, and quizes, one always has to find time to stop and take a breath and take one’s mind off of the stress. One of my favorite things about going to Ohio State is the wide range of fun and FREE activities/discounts provided to students. If you log on to the website for The Ohio Union, you will be able to see a list of upcoming events and can access discounted tickets/coupons (known as D-TIX) to concerts, festivals, sporting events, restaurants etc. And all you need to receive all of these perks is your BUCKID-you can’t beat that!

I have frequently received free or extremely cheap concert tickets from the Union offerings for concerts to see the Foo Fighters, OAR, and Third Eye Blind just to name a few.


Lead Singer, Dave Grohl, from The Foo Fighters concert!

More recently, the students were just notified of a FREE concert this week featuring OAR performing on the oval-right in the middle of campus. Several members of the band were actually OSU students before they made their big music break, some of the band is from Maryland originally as well like me.  All students are invited to celebrate a new University fundraising initiative, “But for Ohio State..” This initiative is backed by the generous $100 million donation to Ohio State by Mr. Les Wexner-OSU alum and current CEO for Limited Brands. While OSU offers tons of concerts year round-the fact that this one is FREE and right in the heart of campus is awesome! I definitely plan to be there to take advantage. Stay tuned for post concert pics!

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