Marketing in the Real World

Marketing is a fascinating class, one that has made me actually pay attention to advertisements to look for things I’ve learned about in marketing. Last week, we got a special treat: two visits from marketing professionals!

The first visit was from Jim Lyski, CMO at Scott’s Miracle Gro.

Headquartered nearby in Marysville, Ohio, Scott’s is a local company that I’ve already studied this semester in Economics class (case history of the company’s organizational architecture). When Jim Lyski came to talk to us, it was very interesting to hear about the current marketing direction of the company, and how it evolved over the years. He also provided us with some great insight and background into his own career (he had been working at FedEx when Tom Hank’s Castaway was in production, and he had some funny stories to share!). It was a great talk, from an intelligent, impressive professional.. if you ever get the chance to hear Jim Lyski speak, I highly recommend it!

The second visit was from John Kennedy, VP Corporate Marketing at IBM.

Not only did he visit during Marketing class, but he also gave a talk at lunch. Having always been impressed with IBM (“Smarter Planet“, anyone?),  I jumped at the chance to hear John Kennedy speak twice in one day.



John Kennedy’s talk was incredible. I’ve always been fascinated with IBM, and after hearing John Kennedy speak, this has only intensified! He gave us great insights into the culture at IBM, as well as some inspiring career advice. One thing that really impressed me was how much he wanted to hear from *us*. We’re still in our first semester of our first year, but this established career professional wanted to hear what we had to say.

All in all, it was a great week. In the chaos of classes, exams, assignments, deadlines, etc…. it’s moments like these that remind me why I decided to join the Fisher MBA program.