From This to That between First and Second Year

A month down as a SECOND YEAR MBA student and still coming to terms with it. It’s amazing that just a year ago, I was in the shoes of a First Year, one with an appetite of a million questions but now I’m the one with the answers. Hope that I live up to the expectations and that I’m as helpful to them as my second years were to me.

Looking back at the vra vra vroom year that just went by, a lot has changed with respect to not only the academics (read semesters) but also in the way we (new batch of second years) work, study, communicate and are in general.


Looking at my version of what my First year Vs Second year at Fisher has been:

Life: Chaotic and unsettling –> a lot more organized and settled

Networking: From everyone –> THE CHOSEN ones

Classes/ Grades: Very worried about grades and the grading –> there’s much more to Life at and after Fisher than grades

Career Aspirations: Hazy/lofty/unclear career goals and aspirations –> a sense of direction and much stronger focus

From the one asking my second years questions about everything –> becoming the one being asked questions about everything (Life sure has come a full circle)

A lot of focus on academics –> a lot of focus on securing a full-time job

Being the audience at student organization events and eating the pizzas –> Leading and organizing the events as well as buying the Pizza

Partying outdoors a lot –> Partying Indoors not so often (this one’s strictly my story)

It’s been great being on both sides, though I have just started with the second year of the program and am still getting used to it. But Fisher has changed (for me) from being just a B-school to my alma mater, a place I look forward to coming to every day. I am looking forward to making the most out of my last 9 months here and living the dream here- 1 day at a time.





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