“As I write this blog, what echoes in my ears are the words of one of my friends, “What crap man! Senseless long essays, is this what you are going to gain out of you MBA?” I had barely started my application essay and this was the first review that I got. Little did I know then that, yes, that was what I was going to gain. Discovering myself – my ‘INCEPTION’.”
The journey does start with a dream, but a dream without a desire, without reason remains a dream. Finding out the reasons for things that you are passionate about helps you to identify the right path amongst the many that allure you. “Discover yourself”, “Shaping your vision”, and “Focus on leadership” were the three things mentioned as I opened the word file to start my essays for Fisher. Unlike other colleges who emphasize on academic performances, extracurricular skills, and professional achievements, what Fisher asked me to write were simple things that I should have known like the back of my palm. But, I was unable to write even a paragraph. When I reflect back now, I can’t do anything but to thank Fisher for making me realize the real me. My ‘inception’ was truly discovering myself (Advice 1).

Now that I titled this blog as ‘Inception’, let me do what Christopher Nolan made Leonardo DiCaprio do in the movie – dive in the memories of time. I think I am taking it a bit too far. Let me de-convolute the convolutions. Haha, I love it. Ok, I just want to remember and share how I landed at Fisher and how I became the first applicant among the applicant pool (domestic + international) for MBA Class of 2014 and even got selected.

Before actually starting to think about myself and my life hitherto, I made a list of prospective colleges where I always wanted to study. It was the easiest thing in my life to do and it took me just five minutes. It is not an intentional pun; my list – MIT, Stanford, Harvard, LBS. It really is a five minute job, isn’t it? They say ‘ignorance is bliss’ and it did turn out exactly that way. I talked to a few Indian students in these colleges (Advice 2). What they told me was an inside story of which I was unaware. Most of them were in huge debt and to make things worse, the economy had hit them really hard. Considering what they had analyzed over time, one of them suggested The Max M. Fisher College of Business to me which, as per their research and later as per mine, had shown consistent placement records even during the economic recession. I did not intend to start this right away, but I know you guys want facts all the time. Ok, the more I researched (Advice 3) about it, the more I fell in love with the college. There were several aspects of MBA here which that guy mentioned and later I discovered through my research which appealed to me. And then I did not waste much time in filing my first ever application for MBA right after the link was active (Advice 4).

So, what are the key takeaways from this blog?  I want to stress the four pieces of advice that I gave you. Know yourself, talk to people, research well, and apply early. These four things are your walking sticks as you embark on your journey to take the next big step in life.

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