Living The Life

In committing to being a blogger I assumed I would have no trouble posting at least once a week. I’ve recently realized that finding the time to share all the amazing things I am doing since beginning the MHRM program is not as simple as expected. Grad school is time consuming. I never envisioned otherwise, but even after four weeks there is still adjusting to be done.

A typical week for me includes class Mon, Wed, and Thurs evenings, work daily, meetings for extra curriculars, group projects, socializing with friends, searching/applying for internships, football games on Saturdays, and finding time to get all your homework/reading done. All that considered, it is far too easy to get busy. Even simple tasks like going to the grocery store get replaced with eating at Panera to accommodate studying for upcoming exams.

Speaking of exams- in the MHRM program we just completed our first set of midterms. After our second exam Wednesday we all let out a sigh of relief and vowed to continue to stay on top of our schoolwork in hopes that finals (just a few weeks from now) will not be too stressful. But first, to de-stress I think it is important to take a little bit of time for yourself.

Grad school is tiring- sometimes piggy back rides are necessary.

Find some time to take a quick break from grad school craziness. Catch up on the DVR, hit the gym (which dearly missed you while you were studying), skype with your family or friends who are not in Columbus, take a walk to enjoy the beautiful fall weather, treat yourself to a fun dinner out with friends- I suggest Cap City Fine Diner and Bar, or simply take that nap you’ve been dying to take. Your body and mind will thank you.  Trust me.

However, after you’ve de-stressed, jump right back in and get back to work; because I’ll take a busy, exciting grad school life at OSU over a monotonous, routine life anywhere else any day.

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  1. It’s always nice to take a break from the busy grad school life. Thanks for the suggestions–Let’s go to Cap City next week!

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