Learning about culture

The weeks are flying by at this point. Just one month into the full time MBA program at The Fisher College of Business and I’m starting to learn more about culture. Although it wasn’t something that I necessarily expected, the cultural education in the program is exceptional. We have classmates from dozens of countries and cultures around the globe.

Obviously, from a weather standpoint, autumn is a beautiful time of year in Columbus. The leaves are just beginning to yellow (in my yard) and I’ve certainly seen a few instances of leaves dropping on the smaller trees around campus. The days are warm (mid to upper 70’s) but the evenings and nights are starting to drop into the 50’s. After leaving the Fisher College of Business campus last Friday evening, a classmate of mine commented on how cold it was. He reacted in almost the same way that I would walking outdoors in January without a jacket. It occurred to me that he’d never been in a climate that was “this cold” before. It felt wonderful and refreshing – the kind of evening that reminds you of the transition from summer to autumn football. This then led to a conversation about Ohio winters, which can be frustrating, if not downright unpredictable.

In addition to helping explain American culture to international students, I truly enjoy learning about other cultures. One of the blessings of this program is that I am realizing more and more that the American way isn’t always the best way. As someone who hasn’t traveled internationally, it’s really helpful to get international exposure and perspective.