More than an MBA

Of the many great opportunities available at The Fisher College of Business as an MBA candidate, Fisher Professional Services stood out to me as a wonderful opportunity to get involved outside of coursework. Fisher Professional Services (FPS) is essentially an MBA run consultancy service which is led by Mr. Kurtis Roush, JD, MBA, who brings years of professional consulting experience into the equation. In addition to Mr. Roush, FPS has a governance board comprised of several distinguished faculty members which provides tremendous opportunity to collaborate with faculty on projects. Essentially, you have the opportunity to work with real companies, providing insights which drive actual decisions within the business. This program is valuable to me, as a full time MBA candidate, for a number of reasons.

  • The Team Component: FPS Project One is giving me the opportunity to work in a team outside of my core cohort group. This provides another chance to diversify my team-based skills, specifically in a “working” environment. My past work experiences, while on functional teams, were more individually oriented. This allows me to really push myself as a member of a team where each person contributes towards a result, together, rather than just having a common goal.
  • Real Consulting Experience: Although I somewhat alluded to this in my last point, the FPS projects actually coincide with a company’s real time problems. I have some entry-level consulting experience through my most recent position in commercial real estate, but this project allows a deeper probe into the consulting process. We’ve been presented a project which will have a major impact within the client organization upon completion. As someone looking to find full time employment within the Columbus market after graduation, this consulting experience with a target company is invaluable.
  • Networking: So, from the start of FPS, here’s how the touch points have evolved.

Me > Other FPS members > FPS Project Team > Client > Senior VP at Client>????

Just by joining the organization, I’ve been exposed to a number of connections from both within the MBA program (from other Cohorts), as well as MAcc Students, Working Professional MBA’s, and Vice-President level employees from major Columbus employers. It’s likely that at some point throughout the process, the relationships will deepen. This is just the beginning.

Although my involvement with FPS Project One is still in its infancy, I’m already seeing the benefits of active participation within the organization. Even more powerful yet is the fact that this is one of many opportunities for involvement outside of coursework here at The Fisher College of Business. This is more than an MBA.