Ready, Set, GO!

So, interesting things start to happen after the first day of classes.

  1. Time is everything: The first thing I noticed is that your schedule will fill quickly. I can see, very early on, why time management skills are essential in an MBA program. There’s a good deal of reading from the start, and if you don’t read regularly, I suggest practicing reading technical or unknown material to develop that skill. Not all of the material will be intuitive or familiar, so it’s good to have practice with subject matter that doesn’t come naturally – it’ll help.
  2. The team environment: Each student is placed in a core team within the cohort. This team of five (typically) is with you in all of your classes during the first term(s). The team is of a diverse background, both professionally and culturally. One of the real strengths of the team aspect of the Full Time MBA Program at The Fisher College of Business is that it provides continuity and consistency within the program. Plus, if you have a question about a homework assignment or reading, you have a go-to team that you can email at midnight and get a response!
  3. Exposure: Another pleasant surprise in the Full-Time MBA program is that you’ll be exposed to a wide variety of professionals from different layer of organizations. We’ve already had the opportunity to network with c-suite executives, directors, and hiring managers from the likes of Victoria’s Secret and Intel. Also, through the career foundation seminars, which are designed and organized by the Office of Career Management, we’re afforded the opportunity to explore the career tracts available in the program in more depth.