Grad School vs. Undergrad

Hi again!

A little over a week has passed of the MAcc program and I already feel like it has been in full swing for months-it is flying by. Today’s post will highlight some of the differences I have noticed between my undergrad experience and MAcc that I have noticed so far. There are A LOT of differences…which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Change is good! While I am sure there are more changes/differences I will come across here are just a few that popped out to me this past week.

1. Quantity of work: It is MUCH higher

2. Students are motivated to work hard which means group work is much more productive

3. Graduate school is more of a career, in a professional, challenging sense.

4. Diversity. Students come from a wide range of majors, cities, & even countries.

5. Exclusive access to recruiters. Specific recruitment events are planned for JUST graduate students. 

While I am still adjusting to the new MAcc schedule and the differences above, having everyone on the same page has been super helpful. I know this year will pay off immensely. As the career fair (s) approach, displaying the MAcc program on my resume has given me more confidence in itself. Recruiters are genuinely excited to hire students from our program.  For student resources related to the Fisher Fall Career Fair, check out this link. I will keep you posted on career fair activities later this week. For now, I will leave you with this cartoon I came across which stresses the importance of a degree these days :-). Until next time.

One of many grad school cartoons I came across while surfing google.