The Search for the Perfect Breakfast in Columbus: Jack & Benny’s

Specialized Master in Breakfast
My friends had been telling me about this local watering hole since freshman year of undergrad. Delicious food, great prices, and a chill atmosphere camouflaged behind a rustic blue awning, layers of worn bricks, and retro white shutters in an aged building off High Street in the Old North. This past Saturday conditions were perfect for the long-awaited trip, so I grabbed a few friends, hopped into my car, and began what was sure to be a mouthwatering adventure for my taste buds.
The View From High Street

After parking (and determining whether my parking spot was legitimate or a ticket-waiting-to-happen) I caught my first glance of Jack & Benny’s. It reminded me of the Mom and Pop restaurants I had come to love during my childhood. Visions of Corned Beef Hash, Juevos Rancheros, and Gut-Busting Omlettes raced through my head. This was going to be delicious. My stomach growled in anticipation.

Paradise Found
We sat down in a booth near the back of the diner. My eyes wandered between a myriad of hanging pictures and decorations, an inadvertant time capsule of long-forgotten heroes and modern-day legends. An electric clock sitting on a shelf beside the stove buzzed from years of ware, the sound of sizzling sausage and bacon and clinking glassware and hushed conversation set the scene. Our waitress poured coffee and took our orders behind the remnants of a Spanish accent.
So Delicious…

At last a server appeared with a smorgusbord of plates, overflowing with hashbrowns, buttered toast, and freshly scrambled eggs covered in swiss and cheddar and salsa. For several moments our conversation stood still – savoring a meal that was truly delicious.  Soon my Chorizo Scramble had evaporated from its plate and our waitress appeared with the check. To my surprise, the cost of such indulgence was less than the overwhelming majority of campus fare – roughly five dollars for my massive plating. Needless to say, I am definitely becoming a regular.