Much more than classroom knowledge

Fisher has great faculty and staff whose contribution to the wonderful fisher experience is priceless. In here, I would like to highlight just a few of the many people who made my 10 months in the Fisher College of Business MAcc program a memorable one.

Patrick Turner – I spent all three quarters learning from Pat. Aside the “academic” knowledge gained from him, I learnt a lot from Pat as he shared his personal experiences with us. I was particularly encouraged by these two things  he shared with us:

1. It takes an extra effort to succeed amidst all the pressure and stress in public accounting. What distinguished him from others he worked with was his resilience.
2. He always made an effort to have dinner at home with the family so he could spend time with his wife and children. He will then continue his work later on in the night when the kids are in bed. For me, this is one of the most creative ideas I have ever had about managing one’s time. Thank you Pat.

David Williams – I walk to class feeling tired but the moment class begins, I feel refreshed. This is what the atmosphere created by Dave did to when I took his class (corporate financial reporting) in the first quarter. If you are to ever meet the personality of Dave you would know what I am talking about. His approach to lecturing is phenomenal. One thing I picked up from him is this: get what you have to get done appropriately and in time but don’t make those around you feel pressured so much so that they panic. Be jovial but be serious.

Anil Arya – I took Arya’s class in the most stressful school session I have ever had but I always had a smile on my face every time I sat in his class (Foundations of Accounting). Learning about the moments shared with his wife, his tremendous e-mail response rate, and his powerful sense of humor impacted me greatly. My take away from him is this – make time for the people you care about; spend time with the people you love and do your best to help others reach their full potential.

Samantha Schnitzer and Kaylin Ward – From responding to mails through chatting and spending time with students to putting together programs and activities; Samantha and Kaylin have taught me what it means to work with passion. Do what you love doing and be sure to give your all are the words that would keep on ringing in my mind every-time I hear the name and think about Samantha and Kaylin.

Alisa McMahon – If you have ever heard the phrase – a smile speaks a thousand words- then stop by the GPO office and Alisa would show you what that means. Work and happiness is one thing I am taking away from Fisher, courtesy of Alisa. Don’t let the pressure take away your lovely smile.

To all the wonderful people I wasn’t able to highlight, know that I cherish and admire each and everyone one of you. I love you all.

Author: Nii Ankrah

I was born in Accra, Ghana on April 6th, 1987. I lived in Accra most of the days of my life till i moved to the USA to further my studies in August 2011 at the age of 24. I had my high school education in Pope John Senior High School and Junior Seminary, Ghana (2002-2005). I then undertook my undergraduate studies (Bsc. Administration - Accounting Option) at the University of Ghana Business School (2006-2010). Moving on to PwC-Ghana, i worked as an audit trainee for a year after which i enrolled in Ohio State University - Fisher College of Business to pursue a Masters degree in Accounting (MAcc). My objective is to build a career in forensic accounting. I will be joining Ernst and Young's fraud investigation and dispute services department (Cleveland office) in Fall 2012.

4 thoughts on “Much more than classroom knowledge”

  1. We love you too Nii. You have given so much to your colleagues as well as the faculty and staff … after this experience, from here on, we are admitting any student from Ghana who applies to MAcc!

  2. Thanks so much Arya and I would be sure to recommend the best and brightest students from Ghana to Fisher especially the MAcc program.

  3. We will miss you all so very much! Your comments warm my heart 🙂 I am very fortunate to work with such amazing students, faculty and colleagues!

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