Benefits in applying for the Fisher WPMBA Program

The deadline to apply for the Autumn Semester for the Working Professionals MBA program is right around the corner!  May 15th is the deadline.  If you are unsure whether you want to participate in this program, here are just a few of the benefits that I have experienced over the past year of the program.

  • The majority of the students in this program have at least three years of work experience and are currently working during the day.  This leads to rich discussion in class with examples of concepts currently happening in the workplace.
  • Professors understand the students are working professionals and are willing to work with students on balance work and school commitments.
  • The core classes cover a wide variety of topics, from marketing to finance to statistics and the material used is (for the most part) current and relevant.
  • You can specialize in an area by taking a specific set of electives, or you have the ability to take a variety of electives that covers all types of topics.
  • The students in this program all want the same goal (get a MBA) and are willing to work well in groups, are all really friendly, and are willing to help each other out whenever possible.  This makes for a great class experience.
  • Along with the last bullet, the students in this program are the best.  There’s endless networking opportunities.  Plus, with so many different backgrounds and a lot of different workplaces, there’s opportunities to network if you needed to get a new/different job.

These are just a few benefits for applying for the WPMBA.  If you are still unsure, I’d recommend taking an evening and sitting in on a class or two and talking to several students who are currently in the program.