The Beginning of the End

During our last blog I wrote about my love-hate relationship with Gerlach Hall--that glorious building on Fisher's campus that houses the graduate programs. I know I don't spend more time there than at home, but it sure feels that way some weeks.

So it was with some surprise that I felt myself nearly skipping up her stairs on Monday, feeling somehow lighter and renewed. I can only attribute it to one thing: this is my last quarter in the MLHR program. The grand finale. In so many ways it made me revisit my first-quarter self again, full of optimism and excitement for a new chapter about to begin.

This quarter I have two courses--thanks to a summer quarter elective--HRIS and training & development. An interest in training and development originally drew me to HR, so this class has been a long wait coming. HR Information Systems on the other hand is one of those courses I wouldn't intentionally select, but I'm sure something useful will come out of it. For better or worse, it is my smallest class yet with 31 of us, all eagerly awaiting graduation.

My first week of spring quarter is over, and I'm down to single digit class weeks. I already find myself scanning my classmates, wondering where some will land, hoping they stay in touch, twinges of emotion starting to well up. Like being a senior in undergrad or high school, you know you're going to miss these people, but you're so exciting to move along. It's one big ball of emotion all rolled up together.

So here's a tip for anyone beginning the MLHR fall semester: Get to know your classmates early. They will be your teachers, your confidants, your teammates and those who know exactly what you're going through.

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