Another quarter to check off!

We have made it through another quarter!  I have been a blog slacker for the past couple of weeks because of being (like everyone else) completely swamped with final presentations, group projects, and final exams.  I also had a big conference for work the Friday and Saturday before finals that took up most of my time for the past month.

Here’s a few reflections I have on Winter Quarter:

  • I’m very thankful for the weather cooperating.  With my drive, I was dreading bad weather but luckily I only had two nights with a tiny bit of snow.
  • The theme of the quarter was group projects.  Having a group project in three classes makes for some creative scheduling and a some outside of class prep time.
  • Group projects led to meeting more people and interacting more with my classmates which is great!
  • Winter Quarter seemed to go by a lot faster than Autumn Quarter.
  • Spring Break is far too short.

Enjoy Spring Break and this beautiful weather!