Great food (Ethiopian and Greek in the same week) and meeting the dean

This past week has been full of fun times with fantastic people and food! On Tuesday evening, I ventured to Easton Town Center for dinner with my sister. We had a delicious meal at Max and Erma’s, a restaurant that has Columbus roots but which is now around the Midwest. On Wednesday, a group of us MAcc students was randomly chosen to have breakfast with Fisher’s Dean Poon. What a wonderful opportunity! We talked to her about why we chose Fisher, what we liked most about the MAcc program, and how we struggled to come up with anything we would change. I have always appreciated how much Dean Poon cares about students and our experiences, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

On Friday, the last day of the quarter, some MAcc friends and I went to the Blue Nile Ethiopian restaurant and had the delicious lunch buffet. The restaurant owner was so friendly, and I loved the authentic food. For another cultural experience, on Saturday I met friends at the Greek Corner. There seem to be quite a few Greek restaurants in the area, and I love this one for its convenience, menu, and beautiful décor. Of course this week I also patronized the Panera on Lane Avenue (an extremely convenient hang-out and study spot for business students). However, if you have more time, I recommend trying some other close-by, more local restaurants while you’re here!

If you're near Ohio State's campus, you need to try the Blue Nile for some excellent Ethiopian food

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  1. Rachel – you’re correct. The owner at the Blue Nile is among the nicest/friendliest people you’ll ever meet. He personally greets everyone coming through the door and makes sure all your Qs are answered and that you’re treated like a guest. I LOVE that place!

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