The Other Side Of The Table 2

I saw a FaceBook post by the amazing and universally-loved Alisa McMahon at Fisher about how a 2011 MBA graduate returned to Fisher to recruit some MBA interns.

This is what I love about our program.  We represent the college well; we do good work; and we bolster and perpetuate the incredible reputation that our programs have.

I had the opportunity to help recruit MLHR students to replace me when I leave the HR Intern position at OCLC.  Out of 150 candidates that applied, it was narrowed down to 10 that were interviewed and 8 of them were from the MLHR program.  That speaks volumes and it makes me proud that I have represented my program and our college so well that my current employer wants to ensure that they are the future employers of the wonderful talent that is coming out of the Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University.

Be proud of what you do as a master's candidate, absorb the material and apply it to everything you do professionally and personally.  Be proud of your cohort.  And be proud that you had the opportunity to be a part of the incredible programs and activities here.

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