Another typical (delightful) week in Fisher MAcc


Post-Valentine's Day potluck!

It’s been another awesome week in the MAcc program! We had a potluck on Sunday (the excuse for which was a Post-Valentine’s Day gathering, but we really just wanted to eat more food together). Once again, we had an impressive variety of amazing dishes! On Tuesday, Holly Paul, the US Recruiting Leader for PwC, spoke on campus. She shared fascinating experiences and gave excellent advice on personal branding. On Friday, a few of us attended a research workshop (weekly presentations of various papers with professors and PhD students). As usual, I was so impressed by the intellectual conversation and thoughtful comments.

Then I completed my last Volunteer Income Tax Assistance shift. I have learned so much from this program and have had such wonderful clients! I loved having built-in time to work with other MAcc students on real-world applications, and we had so much fun!

I am constantly being given some reason to smile or laugh. It may be a comment made by a professor or someone in the Graduate Programs Office, or a comment from a classmate after class or passing in the hallway. Such little things add up to make delightful days and weeks!