We Love You – So Come Enroll!

Valentine’s Day was last week, and I hope you all had a wonderful time.  Whether you went to dinner with a special someone, received a beautiful bouquet of flowers, or treated it like any other ordinary day, I hope you had a great time.  Here at Ohio State, we love you, and we’d love to have you look into the Fisher MAcc program.  If none of my previous posts have convinced you to apply yet, I’m hoping this will.  Because today I want to just share with you how much Ohio State loves each of us, and highlight one professor in particular.

First of all, check out this video that Dr. Gee sent out to all of us.  How many universities can claim such an awesome video, sent on just one day just because?  Sure, many places have recruitment videos and the like that are similar to this, but this was for students already enrolled.  And check out how involved Dr. Gee is in all of it!  How cool is that!?  Yeah, Ohio State loves us.

Now, I said there was one professor in particular I wanted to talk about.  If you apply, are accepted, and come join the Fisher MAcc program, you’ll have the distinct pleasure of interacting with and learning from Dr. Anil Arya.  First of all, he’s hilarious.  Yes, he’s a professor so you’re going to learn, but he makes it fun in that he’s not afraid to pick on himself (or perhaps a student, if the opportunity presents itself).  Second, his examples are clear, thorough, and relevant.  Third, he’s genuinely interested in making sure that you learn, and is very clear about why he assigns what he assigns.

So – how does he fit into my Valentine’s Day post?  Check out what he sent us, on Valentine’s Day.  If this doesn’t convince you the Fisher MAcc program is a winner, I don’t know what will:

Dear kids:

Having been born in a country where three-quarters of the marriages are still “arranged”, it is no wonder I forgot to note Valentine’s day in class yesterday.

So, Happy Valentine’s day to each of you.  I hope you have a nice day, and I know you will also make sure your friends in class too (from distances near and afar) have a wonderful evening.

See you tomorrow.

Sincerely (or is the appropriate sign-off “love you” on such occasions?),

This is pretty much how his class is!  This e-mail is obviously genuine and he communicates his concern for each of us, but it’s done in such a comical way that I can’t help reading it over and over.  I told you, both Ohio State and its professors love us!