“Chart your Course” – The Fisher Graduate Women in Business Annual Summit

Last week, I wrote about meeting Kevin Malhame, owner of Northstar Café and Third and Hollywood restaurants at the “Taste of Innovation” event.  Well, the very next day I attended the Fisher Graduate Women in Business Annual Summit, an event that I also attended last year as a recently accepted WPMBA student.  My manager graciously gave me the go-ahead to let me spend part of my busy workday at this event, which was focused on women entrepreneurs and the concept of driving your career.  “Chart your Course” featured numerous different speakers, including a Professor, three local Columbus entrepreneurs, and a career counselor.  All were excellent speakers and very insightful.  I especially enjoyed the workshop lead by Nancy Jane Smith, carreer counselor.  Her process for finding your “right” career really clicked with me, and I plan on using it throughout my career.

But the highlight of the event for me was meeting Liz Lessner, CEO/Founder of the Columbus Food League – and more notably, Betty’s restaurant – a favorite of mine!    After Liz spoke on the panel, I introduced myself to her and, just like I did with Kevin, told her how much I love her restaurants and admire the work she’s done in Columbus.  Liz was amazingly warm, kind, and down-to-earth – I felt like I could have talked to her for hours!  She gave me some insight on how I could merge my passion for good food and great restaurants with my non-experience in the industry.

In less than 24 hours, I met both of my Columbus food idols – the owner of Northstar Café and the owner of Betty’s!  It seems my MBA is paying off already.  Thanks, Fisher!

Betty's: Check it out on High St. & Lincoln St.