The Opportunities are Endless at Fisher!

As a Working Professional MBA student, there are many weeks that I’m sure I cannot possibly fit anything else in my schedule.  But I still try.  With only being at Fisher for a little over two years, I hope to experience several speakers, events, and opportunities that I could not or would not have the opportunity otherwise.  The Fisher College does an excellent job of bringing in speakers and having events geared to expanding knowledge, networking with executives, and some opportunities just to have fun.  Granted, the majority of events are held during the weekday which are a little harder to attend but talking with your employer about the event you want to attend may help in your ability to go.  Going to the Varsity Club after class is also a good place for networking (or so I’m told, my hour drive home hinders me going, but some night I really will go after class.)

One of the events that was held recently was the Taste of Innovation; a fundraising event for the Spring Innovation Summit that will be held on April 20th.  Fortunately, my 8pm class was not being held so a group of six WPMBA students went (among many other students from other programs).  A sampling (and by sampling, I mean, enough to call supper and then some) of food was offered by a few Columbus restaurants.  As someone not from Columbus, I intend on making a trip to a couple of the restaurants now that I’ve had a yummy sampling!  The owner of Northstar Cafe, Kevin Malhame also spoke about what he is looking for when hiring using an comparison of finding a “good egg” when cooking.  It was a fun event, great conversation with classmates, and good food.

These outside of class events are important to meet and networking with others.  You never know who you will meet that may lead you to a new job, new career, or just a new friendship.  What you know is important, but who you know can potentially be even more important.  I encourage you to attend some events outside of class.  The HUB has most of the upcoming events listed with information or a contact.  Find something that interests you personally and professionally and make plans to go.