I’ve Realized I am an EX- EX-Athlete

Wow, we are SO sore this morning. Yesterday, Jen and I, along with about a dozen other First Year MBAs, decided to blow off some “first week back” steam by unnaturally defying gravity at Sky Zone, a large trampoline park north of campus. I realized it’s been a long time since I played sports regularly!

Had a blast hanging out with fellow classmates. That’s one of the greatest things about the small program here at Fisher…there are only about 120 of us in the full time first year class, so you really get a chance to get to know everyone. Now that we’ve been together for a quarter, we have no qualms about hurling small objects at each other, as you can see here in a great video taken in a December trip to the place, edited by our very own Scott Bear!

Ah well, it was a good way to expend our energy after our Leadership & Professional Development event on Business Resilience and it’s a good warm up for the Fisher Winter Games next Friday!


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