Garren's 2K12 Resolutions

First of all before I go into my resolutions, let me preface by saying that I do not believe that the end of the world will happen in 2012 (knock on wood), because I watched a Discovery Channel special about it and Jay Sean made a song about it with Nicki Minaj.

Back to my resolutions, I really do not have that many so I will TRY to keep it quick and simple.

*Note: I am not putting anything in here that I KNOW will happen (like graduating), because resolutions are supposed to be challenging right?  I also don't believe in having a resolution for the sake of "being a better person" if you don't believe in it?  For example,  I could resolve to be more outgoing to people, but I don't think I really need to and it is not something I find to be important, so why would I try to be more outgoing when I really don't care to?

1.  Blog Once A Week Until I Graduate

This was a challenge last quarter.  I kind of felt bad, because the MLHR program dominated the blog last year.  I know it is not entirely my part, but I still feel bad.  I am glad that there are more people in other programs providing their experiences, because you can only hear so much about the same program before you start yawning.  Each program is told to direct their blogs toward their "target audience" (which for me would be people interested in getting their degree in Labor and Human Resources).  However, I think it is good for those interested and potential MLHR students to look at other student blogs too, because you will be interacting with all of the programs (if you do graduate school "right)".  Ok maybe not ALL of the programs, but more than the people in your cohort.

2.  Spend Time In Gerlach Hall EVERYDAY For Winter Quarter

This will honestly be my biggest challenge.  I did really well GPA wise last quarter, but I felt SO lazy (hence the lack of posts too).  I already know that this quarter is going to be demanding on me.  I haven't taken 12 credit hours since June either, so that will ALSO be a struggle.  I am vowing to come to Gerlach everyday, because this is the only place where I feel like I can really do anything productive.  When I'm home, I am less likely to do my readings and more likely to drink a glass of wine and watch ABC Family programming.  The biggest challenge will be coming in on Fridays and the weekends which I NEVER want to do (but I am motivating myself to come by working out at the Recreational Physical Activities Center or Jesse Owens North right across the street...which I know is weird that I am motivating myself with physical activity but I've recently become slightly obsessed with exercising).  For the fact that I essentially avoided this building like the plague other than when I was technically obligated to go to class last quarter will just be another road block.  However, if I can do this, I believe that I will be able to stay on task and have another great quarter.

Please note that this goal ends winter quarter, because I only have to take 2 classes in the spring, and I am going to have the 8th or 9th case of senioritis in my life (hopefully not too bad).

3.  Maintain My Exercise and Diet

Since August, I have really transformed my diet and exercise.  I am still running, and am eating a lot of vegetables.  One thing that I vow to do is (for the most part), cut out all red meat from my diet.  I am not going to be super crazy about it, but for the most part I am no longer eating any kind of red meat.  I mean if you are what you eat then why would I want to look like a cow or a pig?  I'd rather be a fish...because they're the skinny creatures of the animal world (minus whales...not eating any whales).  Last year when I tried to be all healthy, school overwhelmed me and I sank into fatness.  I have made it more of a priority now, but I resolve to keep a balance, and make sure that I do not let grad school turn me into an obese monster.

4.  Be More Spiritual

I generally want to be more spiritual.  I am not going into my personal religious beliefs.  To me, being spiritual is more about having a connection with your faith.  I don't plan on "going to this sacred building more" or "reading this religious text more".  I generally just want to have a deeper faith in 2012.

I just wrote this blog entry, I am in Gerlach on a day I don't have class, I ran 4 miles on my lunch hour, I ate healthy all day, and I prayed twice today.  I think I am going to do well in keeping my resolutions this year!


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