Have you finished your shopping yet?

I’ve always loved Christmas shopping.  It combines two things that I love: showering gifts on those I love and spending the money that’s always burning a hole in my pocket.  Because I have such an urge to spend money, I’ve had a job of some sort since I was 11.  I chose not to work this quarter as I readjusted to academic life, which means that I had to get pretty creative in my Christmas shopping this year.  So here are a few tips on how to give creative gifts on a student budget.

1. Ebay – So the great thing about ebay is the variety of objects you can find.  Look for a classic game from a prior decade, or fun old postcards from places you’ve visited.  You can find toys from your childhood and get great vintage pieces of clothing.  There are also crazy deals around the holidays on just about every thing.  Plus you can shop from the comfort of your recliner in your slippers.

2. The Dollar Store (or some variety of).  When my sister was little, she was famous for buying all of us Christmas gifts from the dollar store.  She is clearly the frugal one in the family.  But you never know what you can find in there.  They have cute chotskies, kids toys, cleaning supplies and food.

3. Use your head! Write a poem, draw a picture, write a short story, sketch something.  We all love something personalized.

4. Print a picture.  You can print a digital picture for less than a dollar, and you can find really inexpensive frames at Wal Mart, Target, drug stores, etc.

5. The OSU bookstore – there are all sorts of OSU pens, stickers, mugs, etc.  You can show your school spirit with your gifts!

I hope this helps with your shopping this year!  Happy holidays to all!