Go with your gut.

Many prospective students are in the process of filing applications and visiting potential schools.  (It’s strange to think that I was in that position at this time last year!)  I was recently asked what was the one thing I wish I would have known at this point last year.  And my answer to that is I wish I would have known that trusting my gut was the right decision.

It seemed so difficult to make a decision about where I wanted to take my MBA journey. I was so afraid of making the “wrong” decision.  At the end of the process, I went with my gut.  I chose the place that felt right to me; not necessarily to friends, family, strangers (and whomever else was unfortunate enough to engage me in a conversation about the grad school decision process).  When I chose to go with my gut, then my successes are mine, and my failures are mine. And I wake up every day decidedly motivated to do my best work for me.

We all have that level of intuition about our own decisions.  And we are also fully capable of making lists and spreadsheets and complicated mathematical formulas that are supposed to predict what we’re going to do with our lives.  But it doesn’t work that way.  No formula or spreadsheet can make your final decision for you.  It’s simple psychology.  If you really want it, you’ll succeed.

With that in mind – good luck to all of you who are in the process of deciding where to invest your time and money!  And remember to trust your gut.