Bible Study—A Good Way for Me to Gain Inner Peace

From last week, I began my soul’s journey at the Faith, Hope and Love Church. Actually, right now, I still do not know much about Christianity. I just learned some Bible stories during my undergraduate years and heard about the beliefs of Christians from my grandparents. But I am really interested in this religion and want to learn it and find a place for myself in it.

People in the church are all very nice. There I got the warmest welcome since I came to Columbus. And the good thing is that there are some young people who are of a similar age with me in the church, including some American young adults. We got together to talk about the Gospel of Mark (Chapter 3) together. I even didn’t know how to find the right chapter in the Bible. As I said above, the people are very nice. They helped me turn to the right page. Religion books and doctrines are relatively abstract and hard to understand, even in one person’s mother language, let alone in a second language. This is the reason why I feel kind of lost when following the discussion. Even in Chinese I could not understand what the chapter talks about. I just try my best to understand the parts which I could and discussed my feeling together with my friends. Mark Chapter 3 mentions about mother and brother. For me, the ones who have the same belief to life, same attitude toward difficulties and same values with me can all be regarded as the family members from the big family given by God and I can gain support and power from them. The young group of the church and the whole church are just like this certain family for me right now.

Besides the study of Bible itself, the saint (or hymnal) songs also made me feel more peaceful in my inner heart. Whenever I listened to the music and song there, I felt that I was in another world from what I am really living in. At that time, I can calm down and think deeply about things and peoples around me. And I decided to learn these songs and keep singing to myself.

Keeping touch with a religion/inner spirituality is a serious and marvelous choice. I believe I will learn more and understand more about Bible and get much closer to God can lead me a way to the inner peace. I will not hesitate to find a home for my soul.

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  1. So where did you get this bilingual Bible?

    Hope to see you in Fisher soon next year~

    I am a student from China.

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