Born a Buckeye, Always a Buckeye

From the moment that I was born, being an Ohio State fan was a given in our family. My parents always made sure that my brother and I “properly” supported the Buckeyes and tended to play the entire Ohio State soundtrack before we reached the age four! A family favorite of ours is a video of my brother Bobby marching around to “Hang on Sloopy” with a bucket on his head, clearly imitating the roll of the band members that he admired at that age. Although a more hysterical memory, it truly captures the “buckeye fever” that my parents instilled in us at a young age, which down the road turned into a deeper passion and respect for THE Ohio State University.

Tailgating and dressed appropriately for the game

It is fair to say that anyone who is not born and raised in Columbus cannot quite understand why life is centered around Ohio State’s Football schedule. ☺ Graduates and die-hard fans specifically plan their weddings around home games and ensure to that it is on an away game week or bi-week. My cousin had a wedding a year ago and all that came out of my Dad’s mouth was, “Really? A home game weekend? You have GOT to be kidding! She should know..” It is amazing how obsessed our community is with OSU football; however, I will honestly say that I certainly among this “fanatic” population. I get chills from the roaring excitement that explodes before we kick-off and I hug and high-five the fans sitting around me even if I don’t know them; and to me, that is what Ohio State is all about. I have always felt attached to the buckeye culture, which is simply a result of the emotions that are collectively shared by everyone in the Stadium.

As an undergraduate student, I would make the six-hour drive home from Nashville for Ohio State Football games. Now that I am officially an Ohio State Graduate Student, I feel honored to be attending the university that I have respected so deeply throughout my entire life. There is something very special about The Ohio State University. You can try to describe it, but when you go to a football game, you can FEEL the passion. I was born a buckeye and I will always be a buckeye. GO BUCKS and cheers to a HUGE win over Wisconsin!

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