LIFE at Fisher

I had a few options of what I could write about this week. First, it was midterm week. While this is an important and challenging part of Fisher life, it is not what I want to discuss. Instead, I am going to follow this piece of advice: “Don’t let worrying about your GPA get in the way of real learning” and talk about what (besides preparedness, perseverance, and time management) I REALLY learned.

Two significant events happened last Friday: FisherServes community service day and the Alumni Award banquet. Community service day began with a presentation by Paula Davis, President of the Alcoa Foundation. She talked about how important it is for businesses to connect with their communities and how such engagement differs in various countries. Ms. Davis also discussed the importance of motivating employees to volunteer in areas about which they are passionate.

Fortunately, Fisher students were already motivated to volunteer, and we had enough people to split into eleven groups. Mine went to a hospice center and made crafts for patients and employees. It was wonderful to be in a relaxed, creative environment and to get to know classmates from various programs while making a difference! I learned about many people, cultures, programs, and career goals throughout the afternoon.

In the evening, I attended the Dean’s Dinner and Alumni Awards event at the Blackwell hotel on campus. It is so inspiring to hear about what former Fisher students have accomplished in their lives and know that I also have the opportunity to make a difference in the world. To learn more about the honored alumni, click here

These alumni demonstrate what can happen when you follow your passion and aim to positively impact the world. So many lives have been touched by Mr. Klamer’s invention of the Game of Life, Mr. Scott’s CASH program, and the improvements Mr. Heschel made to Kroger. Mr. Milby spoke about the importance of coming to Ohio State, and Mr. Yamasaki spoke about his inspiration. All of these men talked about the impact certain people had on their lives. Fisher is an amazing place to meet impactful people and to become one yourself. Growing up playing the game of "Life," I had no idea I would someday sing about Ohio State with its inventor :-) You just never know what Fisher will do for you!

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