No Need To Fear the MLHR’s Future

After midterms, my brain has still been in recovery mood and it took me FOREVER to finally think of a blog topic to write about.  I have been to two different meetings that concern changes to the MLHR (which I am assuming will be called MHRM next year) program.  Hopefully, discussing what I learned (and my jealousy being that I will be graduating this spring) about the changes to the program will make future applicants and current students even more excited about the program.

Last Tuesday morning, I and a few other MLHR students got to sit down with the new Director of the MLHR program, Professor Raymond Noe.  Dr. Robert Heneman was the program Director for the past 20 years or so (but don’t worry and be THANKFUL he hasn’t retired from teaching because he is one of my favorite professors).  This meeting was a way for Noe to get to know some of the students in the program. It was good to meet to him and discuss the program with him and other students.

Now nothing I say is set in stone and should be taken as “given.”  These are just ideas that have been discussed.

  • Workshops on Excel before program orientation
  • Expanding employer relationships with more companies in the Midwest for placement for internship and full-time job opportunities
  • Setting up additional employer relationships with more non-profits
  • Getting students more familiarity with PeopleSoft and Access
Last week, I had a meeting with faculty, staff, and other students about leadership development for students in the program.  Here were some of the things discussed.
  • Having a leadership development program starting before orientation that includes training in Excel, basic finance overview, Access, and team facilitation
  • Developing workshops on issues not discussed in class like government documents, grievance provisions, and handling downsizes and terminations (no undergrad, graduate, and probably even PhD program could accommodate EVERY single aspect of human resources that an organization faces)
Like I said, none of these ideas are set in stone.  None of them could even happen (but I highly doubt that … I am sure a few (if not all) of them will come to fruition – this is just my standard disclaimer).  Fisher MLHR faculty and staff are working really hard to not only ensure the switch to semesters is as smooth as possible, but that it is still improving despite all the changes occurring university-wide.  Also, at the meeting, I got the opportunity to express things that 2nd year students in the program are concerned about and will (eventually, if not immediately) be important. The first year students do not know what is going on (yet) since they are still adjusting to graduate school, interviewing for internships, etc.  Most people who apply to the MLHR program do not have business or human resources experience.  Even with the HR experience I had when I came into the program with my student job, I had no idea about what I would need to know to be a true HR professional.  These are some things that you should explore if you plan on being an HR student.  And when the program offers all of these great future opportunities, it is something that you should definitely want to participate in.
I almost wonder whether the 1st years will come out of the program more knowledgeable than me with the future opportunities the program plans to offer.  I know that we will still have the labor classes under our belt (which, since I work in a union environment, is beneficial to me), but I get a little envious planning out the framework for something that I will not be able to experience myself.  If you are in the program starting autumn 2012, don’t let all of our hard work go to waste! 🙂
Stay tuned for what the future of the program holds and Happy Halloween weekend (the link below will give you the hint to what my costume will be).
[youtube LUjn3RpkcKY]