Premiere already? Time flies!

I can’t believe it was only a year ago that I began my MBA journey.  I am a first year full time MBA and have only been in classes for less than two months, but so much has happened since I attended Fisher Season Premiere a year ago. Make no mistake, the MBA journey definitely begins this weekend at the class of 2014’s Fisher Season Premiere!

The most exciting part for me is that I get to experience this year’s Premiere on the other side of the table as an MBA Ambassador.  In this role, I get to appreciate the extensive work that the Graduate Programs Office puts forth to welcome Fisher’s future students.  Looking back, the exposure we had to the leaders of the business school, the multitude of resources/groups/programs offered, and the brief taste of a high energy MBA class was invaluable in preparing mentally for what will be an exhilarating two years of my life.  More importantly though, and something I didn’t realize until later, Premiere did an excellent job of outlining the culture at Fisher.  We have been taught early by one of our professors in the program, Dr. Inks, that the culture of an organization can be difficult to describe and sometimes the best way to define it is through first hand experiences.

So this Saturday, I look forward to watching the class of ’14 go through the same experience that was so important for me in deciding to come to Fisher.  I get to witness life-long friendships begin, how cool is that!  It may sound dramatic but the quality of people that I am surrounded by now that I am here is impressive.  I have enjoyed every second of getting to know my classmates and Premiere afforded me the opportunity to get a head start in developing relationships with them.  Fortunately, this weekend is not the last opportunity for curious prospective students to experience Fisher (the next event being held on December 10th) because those opportunities were an important part of my journey thus far… Let the fun begin!