Learning from the experience of top executives

I really highlight the effort of The Ohio State University and Fisher College of Business to strength relationships with top companies and to offer us testimonies of success. The best demonstration of this effort is that we received the visit of two CEOs (GE and P&G) in just one week.

I had the chance to attend both conferences and I think I will keep in mind many of the pieces of advice we received there, because these characters are example of achievement, clear goals and hard work. I just want to summarize what I found the most valuable from each conference.

On Wednesday, October 5, Jeffrey R. Immelt, CEO and chairman of General Electric, hosted a  Q&A session with Fisher MBA students. He gave us four main take-aways to pursue success:

  1. Think global.
  2. Always come up with a solution.
  3. Have the courage and be optimistic about the future.
  4. Compete and try hard.  We must like to win.

On Friday, October 7, Proctor & Gamble CEO, Bob McDonald spoke at Ohio Union about P&G’s vision and its commitment to “Improving life”. The main steps to accomplish this goal:

  1. Power of purpose: stay focus in purpose, willing to change the rest.
  2. Responsibility to be a force for good.
  3. Opportunity for action by:
    1. Transformation and innovation
    2. Sustainability
    3. Collaboration

I hope these lessons will help me in this new life I am starting. For sure there will be more opportunities to meet role models that will enrich our professional and personal life.