My quick overview of the Fisher Career Fair!

Fisher Fall Career Fair 2011
Fisher Fall Career Fair 2011

You know Fisher is a great school.  You know its programs (both undergraduate and graduate) rank among the very best in the world.  You know the faculty, staff, and other students you'll interact with are incredible.  But do you know about the Fisher Fall Career Fair?

The Career Fair is one of Fisher's greatest assets.  Over 130 employers fill the Ohio Union, seeking Fisher's best and brightest students for internships and full-time careers.  And with the quality of Fisher students, they've got a tough time ahead sorting through all of those qualified students' resumes.

Things kick off at 10.30 and go until 4.30.  Not only do you get the chance to talk to recruiters on the day of the Career Fair, but most of the employers will set up interviews on the spot as early as the next day.  Talking to recruiters at the Fair is also a great way to gauge how much you like the company's vibes without actually having to interview.  It's basically a free mini-interview!

Fisher also provides special transportation for us students, seeing as how the Union isn't the closest building to Gerlach (or Schoenbaum, for undergraduates).  There is a dedicated CABS (Campus Area Bus Service) line that runs from Fisher to the Union every 15 minutes.  This is great, since you don't have to worry about getting sweaty rushing to the Union and then shaking the recruiter from your dream company's hand!!  A coat check is also provided, as it does get warm inside.

Finally, there are numerous ways Fisher helps us prepare to be at our best for the Career Fair.  There is a student guidebook, a slideshow presentation on how to prepare, and an excellent Career Management team that you can schedule appointments with.  The Career Management team is a wonderful resource to use, especially if you want an extra set of eyes on your resume or would like to practice with some mock interviews.  You can check out the student guidebook and a little more information on this year's fair here.

Fisher Fall Career Fair 2011
PWC recruiters speaking with students

I spoke with a student that attended the Career Fair to get their perspective as well!

As always, I was very impressed with the Fisher College of Business' ability to collect so many different companies (over 135), all interested in hiring students just like me. More so than the fair itself, I was impressed with the preparation that's put into this event. I really value the ability to print off (or keep digital, as many students did this fall) a list of companies, including a cross reference of the positions they have available. This allows my time at the actual event to be used more efficiently, as I only speak to firms hiring my specific major. -Kendall Mahon

In summary, the Career Fair is one of the greatest services Fisher provides.  It is an incredible opportunity given to us as students to develop both personally and professionally.  The slew of resources available to help us prepare for the Career Fair is even more impressive, and we are very lucky to have them at our disposal.

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