Taking time for a quick road trip

Last weekend, I went to Chicago with several friends. Yes, we just started our new quarter (academic term) on September, 21. However, I believe we will get busier and busier as time goes by. So, better to seize the chance early in the quarter! We have two cases to do this week. One is the Corporate Finance’s case brief, and the other is the Quantitative Method’s sector analysis. They will be due next week, so our team spent a great amount of time working together on Bloomberg and discussing the case to find a solution. Though I always came back home late due to the team discussion, I felt it was time very well spent. We’ve done an awesome job and I learned a lot from preparing for the the case by ourselves before the professor gives the lecture. Anyway, it now appears that it was a wise decision to go to Chicago last weekend early in the quarter before we all got too busy.

It is a great way to experience life and widen your horizon by traveling, especially planning a DIY trip by yourself. “Traveling DIY” makes me feel much more free and comfortable with no travel agency or time constraints. In China, it’s common to plan trips via a travel agency – how boring it is to go into a souvenir shop arranged by the travel agency! By the trip myself, I can design the way we go, the places to see, the food to enjoy, etc. And I can also visit my friends, and make new friends during the trip. Of course, there are a lot of preparations to do before going out. (Sometimes, you will get “unexpected fun” from the improvisational trip. But as this is my first DIY trip in United States, I want it to be safe and interesting :-)) I looked up the information about the transportation, accommodations, the travel reviews written by other visitors and the articles related to the places I was looking into visiting. Actually, the process of preparing to travel is sort of of fun, not to mention the trip itself.

To save time, we left Columbus for Chicago on Thursday night. And we arrived in Chicago early Friday morning, when it was rather quiet on the streets of downtown. By arriving early, it’s a good way to experience a city in peace and quiet. After a while, we saw people bustling through the street to go to work.

Time was short there. We had just two days in Chicago and came back to Columbus Saturday night. So we went to the most famous places in Chicago, to name a few: Millennium Park, Navy Pier, John Hancock Center, China Town, Michigan Ave., State Ave., the Magnificent Mile, etc. And I also met an ex-classmate who I hadn’t been seen for a long time and we had lunch at Lao Sichuan, an authentic Chinese food restaurant.

It’s prety easy to get to Chicago from Columbus – about 5 hours if you drive, about 7 hours if you take a bus, and about an hour (at most) if you fly. (Several airlines have regular non-stop fligths between Columbus and Chicago.) I really had a great time there. I will go back someday.

Navy Pier