We’re Not In Kansas Anymore!

I’ll admit – I didn’t work very hard last quarter.  Sure, I didn’t entirely float through the oppressive heat we experienced this past July.  I did write the papers and study for the exams.  But I found that I could get away without doing much more than that – I didn’t really need to read, or do the homework, or even go to every class (although I did do that – first quarter guilt).  And you know what?  I still did well (enough).

After five years in an Engineering undergraduate program, I learned that the key to surviving a busy schedule is to figure out what you need to do, and what you don’t.  If you continue to read my blog posts, you’ll find that I am big believer in not putting too much of your time into any one basket.  During undergraduate, this meant splitting my time into school, friends, clubs, exercise, and sleep.  Now that I am 4 years out of undergrad, working full time and in my graduate studies, finding a balance means splitting my time into work, school, exercise, sleep, friends, and housework.  There are more things on my plate now, and thus, it’s even more important that I figure out how to make time for everything that is important to me.  So, in my first quarter in the WPMBA program (and a notoriously easy one), I decided to always go to class, but to not always do the reading or the homework problems.  And it seems that strategy paid off – I did well my first quarter (and still found time to eat Jeni’s Ice Cream).

But now, as I begin my second quarter in the WPMBA program, I am quickly realizing that my classmates and I aren’t in Kansas anymore.  Long gone are the days of just showing up to class.  This quarter, not only will I have to show up to class, I will have to do the reading – all of it.  And all the homework.  And on time (not the weekend before the exam).  It’s not going to be easy.  As my job gets busier and more demanding, I will have to use my time outside of work very well wisely.  Finding that balance will be harder, and more time might have to go into the work and school buckets and less into the friends and sleep and exercise buckets.  But I am confident I can arrive at the holidays alive, ready to celebrate another successful quarter in the WPMBA program.

MBA Friends
MBA Friends:)

While I may long for the days last quarter that I could meet my friends for dinner on a Wednesday night instead of study, I think this quarter will be an extremely fulfilling and exciting one.  After just two days of class, I can tell that I am in the presence of two professors who love teaching, and who make it their mission to live up to the Fisher brand.  My peers and I are excited and engaged, and are ready for the challenge.

Here we go!


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  1. I’d like to add how impressive it was that we made all but one Thursday at the VC…Can I be in the next picture?

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