My brand new start with the Fisher College of Business

A month ago, when I first stepped out of the airplane after landing in the United States, I realized it was a brand new start for me. Though the journey seemed long and lonely, and weariness came over me, I could not resist the sense of excitement; I knew it was going to be a fulfilling personal experience in my life.

A lot of my friends commented on my decision to study in the US for grad school as both crazy and brave  –  I could have stayed in my hometown with a stable and desirable job with KPMG (China). Some even suggested that I should find someone to marry soon (this coming from a traditional Chinese perspective). But I felt reluctant to betray my long-cherished dream, which was to study abroad. So I firmly made up my mind and did my preparation for applying to the MAcc program: Resign my position, take the language test (TOEFL) and GMAT, and say farewell to my hometown, my country, and my friends.

Through I led a miserably busy life juggling with a variety of things, including the CPA, exam, GMAT, TOEFL and application for grad school, I knew it was only insignificant and not worth mentioning when it comes to study abroad. First days in Columbus were very happy. I stayed with my kind and friendly host family, who was curious about Chinese culture. They showed me around Columbus and we went to both American and Chinese restaurants, where we talked about the difference between the two life styles from a cultural perspective. They gave me a big hand during my first days after moving into my apartment.

Then a series of program orientation events and socializing activities came in quick succession, all a lot of fun and really eye-opening. Some call it the ” silence before the storm.” It was not until school officially started that I fully comprehended this old saying. I am overwhelmed by the coming job/interview related  events, all sorts of student clubs, football games, challenging courses, welcome parties, PT work and so forth. It seems that I need 48 hours a day to deal with them! But I love this kind of busy life because it makes me feel fulfilled: I am fully utilizing almost every minute of 24/7.

I’d like to share my personal experience and reflections of what I have encountered in my life studying overseas as an international student. Surely I need time to adjust to the brand new environment but I am excited about it!

To be continued.

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