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With the start of Fall Quarter and many new students to OSU, it seems fitting to give an overview of Carmen.   

Carmen ( is a valuable resource for many of the classes at OSU.  Several professors haven’t jumped on the bandwagon of utilizing Carmen; however, the majority of the professors are seeing the benefits.  Here is a review of the toolbar on Carmen:

  • Course Home – This is where your Professor will post news and updates for the class.
  • Content – Instead of overwhelming your email box with articles you need to read for class, your Prof can post it directly to Carmen with no excuse of the article getting lost in your inbox.  Information can be updated throughout the quarter.
  • Discussions – This section can create great dialogue outside of class.  Professors sometimes post questions to reflect on previous classes, or updates to an upcoming class.  Students can post questions to other classmates or to the Professor.   Some classes require students to post dialogue for points in class.  This section is also helpful for Q&A before exams because there are usually a few questions everybody may have but just don’t want to ask in class.
  • Dropbox – Sometimes you have to submit papers to the site instead of in class.  You can upload just about any size of paper or project.
  • Quizzes – You might have online quizzes to take weekly to make sure you are following along with the material.
  • Grades – This just helps to see your progress throughout the quarter and an easy way to keep track of all your grades.
  • Class list – This is the section where you can look through your class list to see if the one student who starts asking questions at 9:45 p.m. every class will be gracing you with their presence again.   You can email fellow classmates through this tab as well.

Granted, the downside of Carmen is there is no real excuse for not knowing about a paper due or an article to review.  However, it is handy to be able to have one website for all the information needed for your class.  So log on and check out all the features on Carmen.