“I wanna go back to Ohio State, to old Columbus town”

It is such an exciting time here at Ohio State! Everyone has started moving in, and you can almost feel the anticipation of a year full of opportunities. As a combined BSBA/MAcc student, I am returning to OSU for my fourth year but am doing the graduate program. As implied in the song I quoted in my title, it is always exciting to come back (or come for the first time) to Ohio State! For those of you who have never been here, don’t get the wrong idea: Columbus is not an “old town;” it is in fact a modern city!

MAcc orientation was so fun! We learned more about the program and learned a lot about and from each other.  The diversity in our class is phenomenal! We have students from 20 states and 8 countries, and everyone has a wide range of experiences and interests.  As I meet other students, I enjoy their stories and senses of humor. At some points, my cheeks almost hurt from smiling and laughing so much. That’s not exactly what I was expecting for the start of a graduate accounting program!

Our team building activities were entertaining, but they also brought us out of our comfort zones. The high ropes course required us to trust and encourage each other, and we also gained confidence in ourselves and our teamwork abilities. The lessons we learned about ourselves and each other will help as we begin classes, form project teams and study groups, and become friends outside the classroom. (You can see some photos from orientation posted here.)

Orientation included a tour of Ohio Stadium (affectionately called The Shoe, since it was first shaped like a horseshoe). This picture shows part of the home of Buckeye football and also two of the buildings in the Fisher complex, home of the College of Business.

I'm excited to be back and look forward to sharing my experiences with you!