In Between Days

If I hadn’t mentioned it by now, I have a tendency to quote song titles.  Today is no exception: this one by The Cure sums up my life and the life of most b-school students.  As you may have figured out from the other blog posts, we (Fisher graduate students) just finished the school year.  Spring quarter ended differently for me than winter and fall: somehow, I managed to only have one final which was scheduled for Monday morning.  How Lucky Can You Get? (See? What did I tell you?  Streisand song from Funny Lady.)  Anyhow . . . I’ve been on summer break for a week and I can hardly wait to start my internship on Monday.  Having all this spare time seems strange (and rather boring).  Once again, I find myself in transition.  In my Fisher grad life, transitions are not easy but they certainly are plentiful . . . so I might as well dedicate a blog post to them!

Anxiety is normal for anyone facing transition.  We’d all like to expect the unexpected but that’s easier said than done.  Unsure of what the future will hold, we push forward with trepidation.  If you’re preparing to enter b-school, get used to the feeling.  Life becomes a series of transitions starting with the summer preceding school and lasting all the way through (and sometimes post) graduation.  As new “first years”, most of you will be switching gears from working all week to studying all week.  For those of us completing our first year, we’re adjusting to all sorts of things: assuming leadership roles in student activity groups, working with new team members, planning for fall quarter, figuring out where to live this summer, beginning new jobs, scheduling classes, ordering football tickets, and finding things to occupy the seemingly endless hours of time we suddenly have available.

This summer I’m fortunate enough to be staying in Columbus (making it much easier to move to a new apartment).  Internship-wise: I’ll be working three different assignments this summer; one is a Wheeler Internship sponsored by Fisher’s Center for Entrepreneurship.  I’m excited about the opportunity to work with a local business!  I’ll be spending 20 hours each week learning about online marketing and handling some of their web 2.0 communications.  As I learn more about web analytics, I’ll leverage my experience and Microsoft Office prowess to help tackle a few projects that have been on the company’s “to do” list.  During the other 20 hours each week, I’ll be working with a professor on a local consulting project, on campus, and at the Columbus Zoo.  If time allows near the end of the summer, I’ll begin my Fisher Board Fellows project with COSI.  Regardless, I’ll stay busy.  Since I’ll have my evenings free and my roommate will be in France, my inner bookworm can celebrate by reading a few books that aren’t mandatory.  Hooray!

I think I try to stay so busy because for me personally, change is hard and I don’t enjoy being in transition.  Although I’ve had my fair share for the past couple of years now, I don’t ever get totally used to it.  Staying busy = a coping mechanism (I keep my mind occupied).  By nature, I’m a planner and like to know what the future holds.  Since that’s impossible at this juncture, I intentionally choose to look at life as an adventure, knowing my journey will lead me somewhere new.  My advice to you: embrace change.  It’s one of the only certainties in life.

Change is the essence of life. Be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become. – Reinhold Niebuhr

One thing I assure you: time flies.  Assuming the cliche is valid, I must be having fun.  Today was graduation day at the Fisher College of Business.  Congratulations to Fisher’s graduating Class of 2011 MBAs!  Godspeed as you journey forth.  I expect great things to come . . . for each and every one of us.